Financial Services

No company plans to encounter financial difficulties and yet most companies are surprised by financial difficulties at some stage. These surprises should never be allowed to happen.

Let Crescot Financial Services help you keep a close account of your company’s financial status by implementing financial controls and infrastructure support that will provide you with accurate and up to date information. This will not only prevent difficulties, but also enable you to correct existing concerns and problems. Crescot offers a diversity of financial services, including:

Independent Reviews

With the new companies act majority of businesses fall within the ambit of having independent reviews instead of full audit. Crescot is able to provide these services

Financial Management

Accurate financial management that entails planning for the future of your business or enterprise with the aim of ensuring a positive cash flow which includes monthly management reports. 

Budget Planning

This service will be of great benefit, if your organisation or company has been suffering as a result of poor financial controls. Typically, when small to medium sized companies go through a growth phase, the need to upgrade the level of financial control becomes more obvious.

We can provide your company with the tools it needs to compile and monitor your budget process and milestones in line with business goals and financial accounting. It is never too early or late to start budgeting for your company and it is an important aspect that directly affects cashflow and funding, especially for forecasting bi-annual and annual tax returns imposed by SARS.

Payroll Management

Crescot is experienced in payroll management. There are many legal requirements relating to employee details, wages/salaries details and deductions. Reports need to be generated and sumitted to the relevant governement authorities. We can free your company and you from this function, leaving your company to concentrate on the core areas of expertise. Our payroll management services include:

  • Processing payroll with all the necessary input documents
  • Reconciling payroll data
  • Printing pay slips
  • Adapting the payroll systems and processes to meet the unique needs of the company
  • Statutory returns relating to payroll
  • Reconciling and issuing of IRP5 and IT3A at tax year end


Capturing and recording your business’s books and accounts which includes debtors, creditors and bank reconciliations. 

Management Accounting

This gives your business operations a closer examination of financial information to make well-informed business decisions. This is concerned with the provisions and use of accounting information to managers within the company, to provide them with the basis to make informed business decisions that will allow them to be better equipped in their management and control functions. 

Statutory Returns

We can assist filing your company’s statutory returns with SARS and other government agencies such as VAT, PAYE, UIF, SDL, Compensation commission and Income Tax returns.

Company Secretarial Management

We register new businesses or make changes to existing registered documents.

Annual returns are a requirement by CIPC. A return is required on an annual basis. We are able to provide this compliance requirement.

We issue and store share certificates. 

We assist to set up shareholders agreements

Finance Department Management

Crescot can provide full-time or part-time qualified and experienced finance managers to manage your existing or new finance department and your applicable staff members.

Crescot is committed to taking away the frustration that businesses experience in their financial services area.

 Our financial services can be performed at your company and/or at Crescot’s premises on a once-off/regular/contractual basis.